Company Act ICSI The Companies Act, 2013 Company Act ICSI
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 *Some of the sub-sections of these sections have been notified on different dates. 
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section 400Electronic form to be exclusive, alternative or in addition to physical form01/04/2014
section 401Provision of value added services through electronic form01/04/2014
section 402Application of provisions of Information Technology Act, 200001/04/2014
section 403Fee for filing, etc01/04/2014
section 404Fees, etc., to be credited into public account01/04/2014
section 405Power of Central Government to direct companies to furnish information or statistics12/09/2013
section 406Power to modify Act in its application to Nidhis01/04/2014
section 407Definitions12/09/2013
section 408Constitution of National Company Law Tribunal12/09/2013
section 409Qualification of President and Members of Tribunal12/09/2013
section 410Constitution of Appellate Tribunal12/09/2013
section 411Qualification of Chairperson and Members of Appellate Tribunal12/09/2013
section 412Selection of Members of Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal12/09/2013
section 413Term of office of President, Chairperson and other Members12/09/2013
section 414Salary, allowances and other terms and conditions of service of Members12/09/2013
section 415Acting President and Chairperson of Tribunal or Appellate Tribunal01/06/2016
section 416Resignation of Members01/06/2016
section 417Removal of Members01/06/2016
section 418Staff of Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal01/06/2016
section 419Benches of Tribunal01/06/2016
section 420Orders of Tribunal01/06/2016
section 421Appeal from orders of Tribunal01/06/2016
section 422Expeditious disposal by Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal01/06/2016
section 423Appeal to Supreme Court01/06/2016
section 424Procedure before Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal01/06/2016
section 425Power to punish for contempt01/06/2016
section 426Delegation of powers01/06/2016
section 427President, Members, officers, etc., to be public servants01/06/2016
section 428Protection of action taken in good faith01/06/2016
section 429Power to seek assistance of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, etc.01/06/2016
section 430Civil court not to have jurisdiction01/06/2016
section 431Vacancy in Tribunal or Appellate Tribunal not to invalidate acts or proceedings01/06/2016
section 432Right to legal representation01/06/2016
section 433Limitation01/06/2016
section 434Transfer of certain pending proceedings01/06/2016
section 435Establishment of Special Courts18/05/2016
section 436Offences triable by Special Courts18/05/2016
section 437Appeal and revision18/05/2016
section 438Application of Code to proceedings before Special Court18/05/2016
section 439Offences to be non-cognizable12/09/2013
section 440Transitional provisions18/05/2016
section 441Compounding of certain offences01/06/2016
section 442Mediation and Conciliation Panel01/04/2014
section 443Power of Central Government to appoint company prosecutors12/09/2013
section 444Appeal against acquittal12/09/2013
section 445Compensation for accusation without reasonable cause12/09/2013
section 446Application of fines12/09/2013
section 447Punishment for fraud12/09/2013
section 448Punishment for false statements12/09/2013
section 449Punishment for false evidence12/09/2013
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