Company Act ICSI The Companies Act, 2013 Company Act ICSI
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 *Some of the sub-sections of these sections have been notified on different dates. 
 Page 6 of 10, items 251 to 300 of 471.
section 250Effect of company notified as dissolved26/12/2016
section 251Fraudulent application for removal of name26/12/2016
section 252Appeal to Tribunal26/12/2016
section 253Determination of sicknessOmitted
section 254Application for revival and rehabilitationOmitted
section 255Exclusion of certain time in computing period of limitationOmitted
section 256Appointment of interim administratorOmitted
section 257Committee of creditorsOmitted
section 258Order of TribunalOmitted
section 259Appointment of administratorOmitted
section 260Powers and duties of company administratorOmitted
section 261Scheme of revival and rehabilitationOmitted
section 262Sanction of schemeOmitted
section 263Scheme to be bindingOmitted
section 264Implementation of schemeOmitted
section 265Winding up of company on report of company administratorOmitted
section 266Power of Tribunal to assess damages against delinquent directors, etc.Omitted
section 267Punishment for certain offencesOmitted
section 268Bar of jurisdictionOmitted
section 269Rehabilitation and Insolvency FundOmitted
section 270Modes of winding up15/12/2016
section 271Circumstances in which company may be wound up by Tribunal15/12/2016
section 272Petition for winding up15/12/2016
section 273Powers of Tribunal15/12/2016
section 274Directions for filing statement of affairs15/12/2016
section 275Company Liquidators and their appointments15/12/2016
section 276Removal and replacement of liquidator15/12/2016
section 277Intimation to Company Liquidator, provisional liquidator and Registrar15/12/2016
section 278Effect of winding up order15/12/2016
section 279Stay of suits, etc., on winding up order15/12/2016
section 280Jurisdiction of Tribunal15/12/2016
section 281Submission of report by Company Liquidator15/12/2016
section 282Directions of Tribunal on report of Company Liquidator15/12/2016
section 283Custody of company's properties15/12/2016
section 284Promoters, directors, etc., to cooperate with Company Liquidator15/12/2016
section 285Settlement of list of contributories and application of assets15/12/2016
section 286Obligations of directors and managers15/12/2016
section 287Advisory committee15/12/2016
section 288Submission of periodical reports to Tribunal15/12/2016
section 289Power of Tribunal on application for stay of winding upOmitted
section 290Powers and duties of Company Liquidator15/12/2016
section 291Provision for professional assistance to Company Liquidator15/12/2016
section 292Exercise and control of Company Liquidator's powers15/12/2016
section 293Books to be kept by Company Liquidator15/12/2016
section 294Audit of Company Liquidator's accounts15/12/2016
section 295Payment of debts by contributory and extent of set-off15/12/2016
section 296Power of Tribunal to make calls15/12/2016
section 297Adjustment of rights of contributories15/12/2016
section 298Power to order costs15/12/2016
section 299Power to summon persons suspected of having property of company, etc.15/12/2016
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