Company Act ICSI The Companies Act, 2013 Company Act ICSI
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 *Some of the sub-sections of these sections have been notified on different dates. 
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section 200Central Government or company to fix limit with regard to remuneration01/04/2014
section 201Forms of, and procedure in relation to, certain applications01/04/2014
section 202Compensation for loss of office of managing or whole-time director or manager12/09/2013
section 203Appointment of key managerial personnel01/04/2014
section 204Secretarial audit for bigger companies01/04/2014
section 205Functions of company secretary01/04/2014
section 206Power to call for information, inspect books and conduct inquiries01/04/2014
section 207Conduct of inspection and inquiry01/04/2014
section 208Report on inspection made01/04/2014
section 209Search and seizure01/04/2014
section 210Investigation into affairs of company01/04/2014
section 211Establishment of Serious Fraud Investigation Office01/04/2014
section 212Investigation into affairs of Company by Serious Fraud Investigation Office01/04/2014
section 213Investigation into company’s affairs in other cases01/06/2016
section 214Security for payment of costs and expenses of investigation01/04/2014
section 215Firm, body corporate or association not to be appointed as inspector01/04/2014
section 216Investigation of ownership of company01/04/2014
section 217Procedure, powers, etc., of inspectors01/04/2014
section 218Protection of employees during investigation01/06/2016
section 219Power of inspector to conduct investigation into affairs of related companies, etc01/04/2014
section 220Seizure of documents by inspector01/04/2014
section 221Freezing of assets of company on inquiry and investigation01/06/2016
section 222Imposition of restrictions upon securities01/06/2016
section 223Inspector’s report01/04/2014
section 224Actions to be taken in pursuance of inspector's report01/04/2014
section 225Expenses of investigation01/04/2014
section 226Voluntary winding up of company, etc., not to stop investigation proceedings15/12/2016
section 227Legal advisers and bankers not to disclose certain information09/09/2016
section 228Investigation, etc., of foreign companies01/04/2014
section 229Penalty for furnishing false statement, mutilation, destruction of documents01/04/2014
section 230Power to compromise or make arrangements with creditors and members15/12/2016
section 231Power of Tribunal to enforce compromise or arrangement15/12/2016
section 232Merger and amalgamation of companies15/12/2016
section 233Merger or amalgamation of certain companies15/12/2016
section 234Merger or amalgamation of company with foreign company13/04/2017
section 235Power to acquire shares of shareholders dissenting from scheme or contract approved by majority15/12/2016
section 236Purchase of minority shareholding15/12/2016
section 237Power of Central Government to provide for amalgamation of companies in public interest15/12/2016
section 238Registration of offer of schemes involving transfer of shares15/12/2016
section 239Preservation of books and papers of amalgamated companies15/12/2016
section 240Liability of officers in respect of offences committed prior to merger, amalgamation, etc.15/12/2016
section 241Application to Tribunal for relief in cases of oppression, etc.01/06/2016
section 242Powers of Tribunal01/06/2016
section 243Consequence of termination or modification of certain agreements01/06/2016
section 244Right to apply under section 24101/06/2016
section 245Class action01/06/2016
section 246Application of certain provisions to proceedings under section 241 or section 24509/09/2016
section 247Valuation by registered valuers18/10/2017
section 248Power of Registrar to remove name of company from registerof companies26/12/2016
section 249Restrictions on making application under section 248 in certain situations26/12/2016
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