Company Act ICSI The Companies Act, 2013 Company Act ICSI
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 *Some of the sub-sections of these sections have been notified on different dates. 
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section 450Punishment where no specific penalty or punishment is provided12/09/2013
section 451Punishment in case of repeated default12/09/2013
section 452Punishment for wrongful withholding of property12/09/2013
section 453Punishment for improper use of "Limited" or "Private Limited"12/09/2013
section 454Adjudication of penalties01/04/2014
section 455Dormant company01/04/2014
section 456Dormant company12/09/2013
section 457Non-disclosure of information in certain cases12/09/2013
section 458Delegation by Central Government of its powers and functions12/09/2013
section 459Powers of Central Government or Tribunal to accord approval, etc., subject to conditions and to prescribe fees on applications12/09/2013
section 460Condonation of delay in certain cases12/09/2013
section 461Annual report by Central Government12/09/2013
section 462Power to exempt a class or classes of companies from provisions of this Act12/09/2013
section 463Power of Court to grant relief in certain cases12/09/2013
section 464Prohibition of association or partnership of persons exceeding certain number01/04/2014
section 465Repeal of certain enactments and savingsYet to be notified
section 466Dissolution of Company Law Board and consequential provisions01/06/2016
section 467Power of Central Government to amend Schedules12/09/2013
section 468Power of Central Government to make rules relating to winding up12/09/2013
section 469Power of Central Government to make rules12/09/2013
section 470Power to remove difficulties12/09/2013
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