8.Conduct of Valuation


(1) The registered valuer shall, while conducting a valuation, comply with the valuation standards as notified or modified under rule 18:

Provided that until the valuation standards are notified or modified by the Central Government, a valuer shall make valuations as per-



internationally accepted valuation standards;



valuation standards adopted by any registered valuers organisation.

(2) The registered valuer may obtain inputs for his valuation report or get a separate valuation for an asset class conducted from another registered valuer, in which case he shall fully disclose the details of the inputs and the particulars etc. of the other registered valuer in his report and the liabilities against the resultant valuation, irrespective of the nature of inputs or valuation by the other registered valuer, shall remain of the first mentioned registered valuer.

(3) The valuer shall, in his report, state the following:-



background information of the asset being valued;



purpose of valuation and appointing authority;



identity of the valuer and any other experts involved in the valuation;



disclosure of valuer interest or conflict, if any;



date of appointment, valuation date and date of report;



inspections and/or investigations undertaken;



nature and sources of the information used or relied upon;



procedures adopted in carrying out the valuation and valuation standards followed;



restrictions on use of the report, if any;



major factors that were taken into account during the valuation;



conclusion; and



caveats, limitations and disclaimers to the extent they explain or elucidate the limitations faced by valuer, which shall not be for the purpose of limiting his responsibility for the valuation report.